Christopher Rowe

Christopher Rowe grew up in Northeast Florida in the 1970's, immersed in southern music at an early age by parents who listened to it. He grew up listening to a wide range of sounds. Country and Elvis from his father and Rock and Soul from his mother. That diversity is reflected in his writing today. Chris remembers writing songs at the tender age of 5 but didn't take up guitar seriously until he was 14. He fronted a band in high school that played 50's and 60's rock. Songs by Chuck Berry, Wilson Pickett, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis laid the foundation for Chris to build his musical house. The 90's brought the grunge explosion and a record deal for Chris on an independent label in Orlando. There he attended school for music engineering and production. In 1994, Nashville sang it's sweet beckoning song to Chris and the next decade would find him learning how to make records, then actually making them with acts like the Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, and Gordon Lightfoot.

He has recently mixed a record for Jewel and Hit singles for Taylor Swift, including her first #1 single "Our Songs". But success as an engineer in Nashville only left Chris with a hunger to return to his roots of singing and writing songs. So, coaxed by producer/songwriter and longtime friend Kenny Lamb, Chris began writing again and has begun to amass a catalog of terrific songs that are attracting attention. When asked about focusing more on writing songs than making records, Chris said, "It's great to be writing full time again. I love making records, I mean it has to be the best job in the world. But writing is less a job and more like breathing. I can't believe I held my breath so long.

Dylan Lloyd

Dylan Lloyd music career officially began at the age of 15 in Chicago, Illinois. Being dubbed by NBC as "Englewood's Music Prodigy" was a lot to live up to as a young singer/songwriter and instrumentalist. After many gigs in the Midwest at venues such as "The Rave", "Millenium Park", "Kinetic Playground", and media attention from NBC, The Chicago Tribune, and other major Chicago media, he lived up to the hype and caught the attention of Jonathan Stone. Now at 23 years of age, Dylan Lloyd and his talent have been rewarded a music publishing deal with Stone's Radar Music Publishing.

The originality that Dylan brings forth in his songs is becoming an attractive characteristic to other co-writers such as Grammy award winner Tim Fagan, platinum songwriter/producer Mason Levy (APG Publishing), Deron Johnson (touring pianist for Miles Davis, Seal, Alanis Morisette, Boz Scaggs, Paula Abdul and more). Look forward to many good things to come from this wonderful young talent.

Glenda Proby

Glenda Proby a talented songwriter and artist from Los Angeles, California is well on her way to being one of the best in the world. At the mere age of 21, her almost indescribable knack for the pen and unmatched passion has taken her far past life's checkpoint for most young adults. Then again, we are not talking about most 21 year olds. She discovered her natural affinity for words and rhyme in the third grade when opting to write poetry instead of the reflective journal entries on subjects chosen by the teacher. Glenda also credits this time in her childhood as being the initial point of her gravitation toward the music industry. This small act of creative defiance is what she believes to have been her "fork in the road", so to speak. "Its not like I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life in the 3rd grade. I couldn't have told you that one day I'm going to write for rappers and singers; they are going to play my songs on the radio and TV, but back then I could tell you that I can write, really well." She says with an air confidence humbly tucked behind her child like features.

By the age of 16, her unbelievably quick-witted freestyling ability, undeniable lyrical talent, and one of kind vocal presence quickly gained her notice from the major labels in the music industry. These major labels include Interscope, Sony, Universal, and accomplished independent labels, Aftermath, Fo' Reel, and US records. Ultimately, she decided to pass on the deals offered to her, confident that she had not been offered one equivalent to her worth. However, unaffected by things not going as planned she took another approach to attaining success in the music industry, and in 2005 began pursuing her bachelor's degree at California State University of Northridge's college of business. Just like that, Lady G the rapper had become once again, Glenda Proby, the songwriter.

As an avid reader, listener, and observer, Glenda uses her instinctive ability to understand the people and things around her, as well as her own life experiences as the constructive source behind the music she creates on her behalf and others. She has paranormal ability to read into the lives of others, tune into their emotions, and express them creatively. This is precisely the reason why she is revered as a "go to writer" for platinum producers like Teddy Riley, Cool and Dre, 1500 or Nothin', Terrace Martin, Cudda Love and many others. She has also extended her lyrical expertise to platinum recording artists like Snoop Dogg, Queen Latifah, Lil Fizz and J Boog of B2K as well as many other accomplished artists on both major and independent labels.

With most her confidence based on a prophetic revelation her late Grandmother made to her about music before passing on in 2003; if you ask her what she plans to achieve with all the work she continues to do, she will give you a short and definite answer, "I just want my music to make my grandma proud."

Keith Varon

Keith Varon after having 10 of his songs placed on some of the hottest shows on TV (Laguna Beach) (MTV), The Hills (MTV), NEXT (MTV), "What About Brian" (ABC), and Paradise City (E!) Keith Varon is one of Los Angeles's most promising up and coming artist/producer/writers.

Currently Varon is working with Razor and recording artist, Kelley Sweet, for her sophomore release. They met at an American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) party in 2007 and hit it off. A few months later they started the vision together, creating what would be the sound of her new record, working out of Varon's small home studio in his San Francisco apartment. Both of them had an affinity for electronic music and ethereal rock, so the writing came naturally. Varon wrote 20 songs with Kelly before Kelly went on to write 75 more songs. Varon's songs have made the cut. He now has writing on a large majority of Kelly's forthcoming album.

Since moving to Los Angeles, Varon is also working and developing all sorts of different talent in town including Radar/Bug artist Lindsay Vinarsky and indie rock queen Jes Hudak, both of which have aspiring careers in the music industry. But his songwriting talents aside, his first love is performing. It's where Varon shines the most. His love for the stage is like none other and with his own project Angel's Landing garnering interest from some of the most sought after producers and executives in the industry, its just a matter of time before Varon becomes the Ryan Tedder of his generation.

Kenny Lamb

Kenny Lamb Multi-Platinum Songwriter and Producer has written songs for and worked with some of the industry's most successful Pop, Rock, Country, and Christian artists ('N Sync, Take 5, Aaron Carter, Jason Aldean, Rhett Akins, Mark Collie, Building 429, Across The Sky). Film and Television placements, as well as a solid track record developing major label artists rounds out a very diverse and full resume that reaches into many genres of music.

Between Nashville and L.A., Kenny is continuing to develop new talent and is actively writing and building an extensive new catalog with Radar Music.

Elle Vee

Elle Vee at the age of eleven developed a keen sense for songwriting. Her Father had purchased a piano and she was drawn to it like a magnet. By the time Elle Vee was 13 she had taught herself how to play piano by ear, compose music and write songs. Before her fourteenth birthday, her catalogue consisted of over 100 songs. Performing, and making a few phone calls quickly drew the attention of the local Chicago music scene. KMA management (Managed Disturbed in the past) in Chicago quickly co-represented Elle Vee with her father Craig Vinarsky. KMA Management had her attend a music conference in Chicago called Mobfest. Here, Elle Vee's song were played on a listening panel. After hearing the song, record company A&R's raved as did the music publishers, in disbelief that she was only 14 years old. As Elle Vee was leaving the conference she was approached by 2 different publishing companies that stated their interest in signing her. Elle Vee ended up signing with Hitco Publishing (L.A. Reid's company, which later became Bug/Windswept) becoming the youngest writer on their roster at 15 years old. After that she continued writing and going to school.

Elle Vee started making writing trips to Los Angeles to build a co-writing network with major writers and producers. Her publishing term was contractually over with Bug/Windswept at the age of 18. During this time Elle Vee developed a creative relationship with Jonathan stone (former President of Bug/Windswept Publishing and current CEO of Radar Music Publishing). Jonathan saw the kind of epic songs Elle Vee was writing and her tireless work ethic and offered her a second Publishing deal with Radar Music Publishing. Elle Vee signed her new deal at 19 years old in may 2009 and quickly left Chicago. Moving to Los Angeles would bolster her opportunities to write for major artist projects and also develop her musical artist career. Elle Vee writes in every genre and has worked with grammy nominated and award winning writers and producers garnering lots of respect and constant sessions for her craft. Her songs are sure to be heard worldwide as she permeates her sound and style in the Hollywood music scene. Look for a big year from Elle Vee in 2010!

Steven Schneider

Steven "Stizzle" Schneider from a small Washington town, Stizzle fell in love with hip-hop music at an early age. With influences like Timbaland, Neptunes, Kanye West, Lil John, Dr. Dre, he is on the road to become the next big thing in music, once again proving that hip-hop, pop, rock, dance, and dubstep music crosses all color and social barriers.

In 2000 Stizzle moved from Yakima Washington to Orlando Florida for an internship at Disney. Here is where he was first introduced to the dance music and Orlando breaks. Inspired by this new and edgy sound weaving its way through the Pop and Boy Band faze that was taking over the airways, Steven set out to create his own unique mixture of urban beats mixed with dance synths, fast becoming one of the hottest and most sought after DJs in Orlando, Miami, and Jacksonville Florida.

From his DJ experience, Stizzle quickly learned what moved the crowds and what the public wanted to hear, adding these elements to his arsenal of music knowledge that only the streets could teach. Gaining success back east, he moved west to Los Angeles to spearhead a new musical movement in Dubstep/Dance music.

"Stizzle" is breaking all the rules of what music is supposed to be, changing them to what they ought to be, a true combination of all musical styles, including pop, rock, dance, and now dubstep. Always moving to a beat of his own drum, he will not only change the landscape of music, but will also rewrite the book.

Ro Blvd

Ro Blvd will not publicize a revolution; he will musically create one. Having a breakout in year 2009 with the highly praised "A Love Supreme" album alongside hip-hop duo U-N-I, the California native, Ro Blvd, has managed to construct his own lane/venue and pilot the revolution one record at a time.

What distinguishes Ro Blvd from other music producers is Ro himself. The musically self-taught Filipino insists that he does not produce music; his life produces it for him. His philosophical method of production has gained praise through media outlets such as MTV, and has obtained "air wave" status with his hit records "Hollywood Hiatus", "Land of the Kings", and "Lately", which garnered a female-adoring audience. XXL Magazine rated "A Love Supreme" 4 out of 5 stars. URB Magazine branded Ro Blvd as one of the next 1000 to reach musical success in the years to come. According to URB Magazine, "Ro Blvd's idyllic beats are a lot like Picasso's paintings intangible, yet sonically meticulous." Therefore, the insurrection will not be publicized, since the essence of the revolution is the genius of Ro Blvd.

Growing up in Sun Valley, California, Ro was the typical kid. He just wanted to have fun and fortunately was surrounded by many forms of enjoyment, especially basketball. Ro developed a love for music based on what his family was listening to. His older sister listened to hip-hop and alternative, his parents listened to disco, R&B, soul, and rock.

Towards the end of his junior year in high school, Ro had an overwhelming urge to make music. He put down the basketball and started to put down beats. At the time, only equipped with a software program, Ro programmed his first beat and fell in love.

Ro Blvd's production is imaginative. His organic style is completely based on his everyday life. Each record is produced with a purpose based on a feeling, a fluid piece of functional art compiled singularly on what inspires him. He describes the manufacturing of his music like that of a bicycle. Every part has a job of importance and Ro is the chain and pedals, which puts it all in motion. His production is a dirty blend of hip-hop, rhythmic soul, and electric funk that simultaneously encompasses an influential edge that only Ro can conceive.

It is safe to say that the music Ro Blvd creates is a genre unto itself. Although his upbringing and the music he was exposed to is an important factor in the development of his music, Ro Blvd has managed to push past the boundaries of his upbringing and beyond the typical industry standards. Ro Blvd is the new wave of music. He is the revolution.

Anthony Little

Anthony Little Tina Turner, Justin Timberlake, the Backstreet Boys, N Sync and Reba are just a few of the names multi-platinum, award-winning songwriter/producer Anthony Little has worked with throughout the span of his diverse and impressive career. From songwriting and production to jingle writing, artist development and music business management, he exudes equal amounts of passion and enthusiasm for every element of the business he touches. Most recently Little signed a publishing contract with the L.A.-based Radar Music and is working to develop several hot new young artists, one of those artists being the teen sensation New Hollow, who made quite a splash on the music scene with their debut single, "Sick," selling more singles in the months of November and December 2010 than any other artist on the Soundscan charts. Writing songs and artist development is a role Little relishes more than any other -- helping new talent find their voices. Little notes, "It's a new age in the music industry, and I think it provides a great opportunity for guys like myself who are passionate about working with artists on every level."

Michael 'Omega' Fonseca

Michael "Omega" Fonseca born in Aurora, Illinois, Michael "Omega" Fonseca started creating music in his early teens. His start came from remixing songs and tracks for local rappers/singers until he learned he could actually create his own music using certain software programs. After honing his craft and constantly improving over the years, attending writing sessions around Chicago, working with local songwriters - he is currently working with the hottest upcoming icons in the industry: landing placements with controversial Belizean rapper "Shyne" and the new Atlantic Records girl group "Parade".

Omega's goals extend beyond just simply landing placements; "My ultimate goal is to become one of the most recognizable creators in music, while inspiring the next generation of producer/writers. I want to be responsible for shifting the sound of radio and remembered as one of the greats. A quote that has resonated with me for some time goes "We're here to make history....not headlines". With endless drive and motivation "Omega" will inevitably become a powerful icon in music. Stay tuned..."

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